Everybody eats and everybody on this little earth has a relationship with food, some good some bad. And just because we’re in the food business doesn’t mean food should ever be purely functional. We believe food is all about the emotive experience; the smell, the touch, the taste, the sounds and the story behind each recipe and every ingredient. We have the power to change how people feel and we believe in selling the sizzle… selling the flava.


That which makes something unique and stand out from the mainstream/sworn enemy of the mundane, the average, the ‘OK’ and the tasteless. Allies with creativity, versatility, simplicity and individuality.

What Flava is not:
A poor misspelling of flavour or any kind of association with a relatively average 90’s rapper!

Our vision is to use flavour to fuel change. We believe that food is central to all ways and walks of life, therefore it’s the most natural and effective route to drive all sorts of positive change. Here at Flava House EVERYONE is part of our revolution to ensure no one ever experiences the mundane ever again! We embrace quirky, we challenge the norm and we look for the same in our people!

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  • We’ve got nothing to hide and we create only those products that we’d proudly feed to our mums & mates.

    What you need: honesty & integrity developed and perfected by our humble northern roots> not just in our products but in our service, attitude and the way in which we go about our working day.


  • Not just for food & flavour but for knowledge, ideas, inspiration and experiences. It’s what keeps us innovating, keeps us challenging & what makes us fun to work with & for.


  • We believe in giving our team the freedom & trust to work autonomously, we just expect real ownership & honesty in return.


  • Like top-notch ingredients in a dish, we’re a diverse bunch and independently strong but it’s when we get our hands dirty and come together that the real magic happens.

    Food & flavour is an incredibly diverse industry and we need a team that reflects that same level of diversity, with different worldviews, passions, tastes & opinions. The thing we all have in common is a willingness to get stuck in and help each other out. No glory-hunters and prima donnas.


  • We love food, it’s all we eat & we believe in the immense power of food & flavour as a tool to drive positive change; not just across businesses and brands but education, healthcare, employment & beyond.